Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spare Some Change?

You gotta hand it to Bill Richardson. He's definitely a politician to the end. From his latest campaign trail email:

There's one last issue I still need your help on before I can officially end my presidential bid. Right now we still have an outstanding debt.

We spent that money in those last few frenzied weeks in Iowa and New Hampshire trying to capitalize on the fluid poll numbers. Given how high the stakes were, I'm sure we would do the same thing given the same situation again.

Will you please make one final contribution to my campaign so we can officially "zero out" that debt?

I recognize that it's a hard thing to do with the nomination no longer on the line. But I believe it is essential that the final act of our campaign is to meet every outstanding obligation.

And let me tell you one last time just how much your support has meant to me. Backing a presidential candidate is a serious, thoughtful act. And knowing that you considered all your options and chose me makes me very proud.

Thank you once again.

All the best,


Did I say politician? I meant something more along the lines of hobo, bum or homeless guy on the corner. Usually requests for charity are made with a specific goal in mind like medical research for breast cancer or giving food to African children. Is anyone actually going to give a politician money if that politician isn't running for anything? I've never heard of such a thing. Interesting gambit though. "Hey, I, uh, want some money. No no, I'm not running for anything. Just give me money." He's not even making any excuses, like he needs the money to get his campaign bus out of hock in New Hampshire.

Just for the record, I never actually supported Bill Richardson, I just answered a question on his website in his early days of campaigning and got automatically signed up for his campaign emails.

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