Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Got It, I Got It!!!

From Marc Ambinder at theatlantic.com:

The Clinton campaign said tonight that Obama precinct workers illegally obtained caucus packets in the following Texas caucus precincts:

Precinct 2316 in Tarrant County
Precinct 1205 in Dallas County
Precinct 3127 in Bexar County
Precinct 3082 in Ft. Bend County
Precinct 18/224 in Harris County (Houston)
Precinct 3221 Dallas county
Precinct 87 in El Paso County
Precinct 458 in Travis County

Basically, whoever "gets the packet" controls the caucus. Technically, before the caucus begins at 7:15 CT, the packet is controlled by the precinct judge. But in reality, it might just be laying on a table somewhere. The Clinton campaign claims to have evidence that Obama supporters have, in eight instances, obtained in far in advance, which violates the rules set out by the state party.

There's nothing the state party can or will do. They're overwhelmed at the moment.

Wait, so the Texas caucus is won basically by a rousing game of Capture the Flag? This is democracy?


GrooveAuthority said...

What the heck do you want? People to take this stuff seriously?

On second thought, the idea of using capture the flag to decide the winner of a caucus does sound pretty cool, although we probably should level the playing field between the fit 'n ready Obama kids and the old guard Clinton folks. How about we turn it into a geocaching event, but only Clinton supporters get the GPSs?

Steve said...

No good. Obama supporters are hip and young and not good with things that aren't electronic. If they had to use paper maps, they'd just be completely lost.