Friday, June 27, 2008

A Trivia Question

All this stuff about North Korea this week inspired the following trivia question:

The State Sponsors of Terrorism list was started in 1979 with 4 charter states. Which 4 nations were they?

Bonus point: which nation is the only nation of those original four still on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list?


Jacob said...

Boy, did I think this would be easier than it was. The fact that it's such a crapshoot leads me to think this list is even more meaningless than already believed.

Steve said...

Since you're the only one who reads this, Jacob, I'll just reveal right now that the answers were Libya, Iraq, Syria and (South) Yemen, with Syria being the only nation still on the list.

They should just be honest and call this list "Potential Bombing Targets" since Cuba and North Korea have practically nothing to do with terrorism.

But I would think it would be fun to start some kind of fantasy league of rogue nations. You would get points if your nation gets mentioned in the annual terrorist safe haven list, get tons more points if they arrive on the state sponsors of terrorism list, and basically youd win the league if the president makes another speech declaring your nation to be a new member of the axis of evil.

Jacob said...

-1 point if your dictator/high priest renounces terrorism or says something respectful about women.

+1 point for starting a new infitada.

Yeah, I looked them up afterwards to see how far I was off. I guess they're all logical enough choices, and given ten guesses I probably would've gotten all four. I would just wonder why they were any worse than the other six.

I have no idea about Cuba, except it's "friends" with Venezuela, which is "friends" with all of OPEC. I always hear about North Korea supposedly selling nuclear technology, but I'm not sure it ever has (which is funny, because it definitely got its nuclear technology from Pakistan).

Steve said...

-1 point for holding free and fair elections

+1 point for holding elections amid violence and strife

+2 points for terrorist organizations seizing command through elections held amid violence and strife

+3 points for terrorist organizations seizing command through free and fair elections (if only the Gaza Strip was a nation)

So when's our fantasy draft?