Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Most Conservative State in the Nation Award

There were six states that went for John McCain by a "filibuster-proof" 60% majority of the populace: Alabama, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho and Oklahoma. Here are McCain's totals in those states in ascending order:

Alabama - 60.5%
Idaho - 61.5%
Alaska - 61.5% (with 99% reporting)
Utah - 62.9%
Wyoming - 65.2%
Oklahoma - 65.6%

Wyoming had the larger margin of victory for McCain (32.5% for Wyoming compared to 31.2% for Oklahoma), but Oklahoma has the special distinction of being the only state in the union* where every single county voted for John McCain. Our state senate also finally completed it's flip over to Republican hands for the first time since statehood. Republicans already control the state house of reps. All our incumbent Republican U.S. Representatives won by huge margins (and yes, so did our one lone Democratic U.S. Representative, who happens to be the most conservative Democrat in the House and is helped by having the last name of Boren), and our incumbent Republican U.S. Senator won big as well.

In Wyoming, their two Republican U.S. Senators won by huge margins, but their U.S. Representative race was substantially tighter. Republicans in their state legislature vastly outnumber Democrats by a 3 to 1 margin.

Which state is more conservative then? Oklahoma or Wyoming? I'll throw my weight behind Oklahoma since there are far more people in Oklahoma, making it's Republican homogeneity more remarkable.

*among states with counties, which excludes Alaska.


Steve said...

I just image searched "Republican trophy" just to see if there was some sort of picture that would go well with this post, and I was amused to find these two images:

Image 1

Image 2

vac513 said...

LOL! It just goes to show that our state is, indeed, the crappiest. Way to go, Oklahoma!