Friday, November 07, 2008

My Votes

I was thinking about Alyson's post about how for the first time she voted with the majority (or, I guess, the majority voted with her), so I thought about which candidates I've voted for in my 5 national elections.

President - Al Gore (D) - Lost (but won the state)
Senator - Jeff Bingaman (D) - Won
Representative - Heather Wilson (R) - Won

Governor - Bill Richardson (D) - Won
Senator - Pete Domenici (R) - Won
Representative - Heather Wilson (R) - Won

President - John Kerry (D) - Lost (also lost the state)
Senator - Ken Salazar (D) - Won
Represenative - Stan Matsunaka (D) - Lost

Governor - Brad Henry (D) - Won
Representative - Hal Spake (D) - Lost

President - Barack Obama (D) - Won (but lost the state)
Senator - Andrew Rice (D) - Lost
Representative - Blake Cummings (D) - Lost

So, counting presidential votes as half for winning the state and half for winning the nation, I have voted with the majority 8/14 times, a ratio that will keep getting smaller the longer I live in this state.

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