Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bush Isn't Done Bringing his Allies Down

The Bush Effect claims another victim.

My OU women's basketball team wins in Waco, 56-51, in an ugly game.


Jacob said...

Steve- when's the last time OU beat Tennessee? Are they going to hold them off on Monday? Are we going to have to send Jimmy Carter there to ensure the win, or something?

Steve said...

OU is 0-3 against Tennessee lifetime, and Tennessee had a pretty good run last year at the OKC regional in the Ford Center. ESPN will be ramming Pat Summitt's 999 wins in Americas eyes, and if that wasn't enough, Bobby fucking Knight and Brent fucking Musberger are calling the game for ESPN; two people who have (to my knowledge) never called a womens game in their life. Plus it's groundhogs day, so I'll be wearing non-Sooner apparel. Crazy weird shit going down in OKC tomorrow.