Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Media's Racial Quota Obsession

Happy Epiphany!

Did you know that there are currently no black U.S. senators since Barack Obama got a promotion? I feel this is really important for everyone to know, and a fact that almost certainly is being buried by the media. I mean, think about it: racism would almost surely cease to exist in this country if we were to have a senate with one token black person in it. But since our racist nation would never be able to vote a black person to a high-powered office, a black person is going to have to be appointed to a high office. By some embattled white governor, most likely. After that happens, we can move on to appointing random token black people as college football coaches.

So let me get this straight: some people are upset that Barack Obama has chosen someone from outside the CIA's sphere of torturers and torture apologists to reform the CIA. Honestly I couldn't be happier at the choice of someone like Leon Panetta; if he had picked Dianne Feinstein, who fell prey to the "imminent terrorist threat" what-if scenario in an interview in the NY Times last month, I would have demanded my Change back.

Bill Richardson ... *shakes head*.

Oklahoma is getting new license plates this year, and they're a vast improvement over the old ones with the Osage shield in the middle that looks like a plate of cat barf from any sort of distance. The new plates feature a statue of a warrior firing an arrow at the sky: in other words, they're just like this weird Boston side project's only album. The new license plate rates somewhere around a B- in my book because of its small numerals and lack of embossment, but may get some kind of fictitious Most Improved award from ... me.

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Jacob said...

It also looks like the Foxwoods Rainmaker Statue, which changes colors and invokes in booming tones every thirty minutes.

At least they didn't embarrass Ty Willingham by appointing him to the Illinois Senate Seat.