Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Oklahoma State Legislature is Filled with Morons! Aargh!

The Republican-dominated Oklahoma state legislature has accomplished the following tasks this legislative session:

Hating on the Flaming Lips: the innocuous resolution declaring the Flaming Lips' song "Do You Realize??" as the official state song (based on an online poll) was not passed by the state house of representatives because some conservatives didn't like the fact that one of the band members wore a red t-shirt with a hammer and sickle symbol to the state senate chambers for the ceremonial passage of the bill there (04/23/2009)

Wasting time trying to deny access to the courts: Governor Brad Henry had to veto a bill that would require plaintiffs to get a certificate of merit from a "qualified expert". This would hinder legitimate lawsuits, could cost up to $12,000 by some estimates, and was determined to be unconstitutional by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in 2006. The same bill (with the same exact wording) was vetoed by Brad Henry last year too, for the same reasons. (04/24/2009)

Declaring sovereignty for Oklahoma while accusing U.S. leaders of violating the U.S. Constitution: Governor Brad Henry had to veto this one too. The measure, which passed by a huge margin in the House, also would have required Oklahoma to refuse and return its stimulus money. (04/24/2009)

Denying insurance coverage to autistic kids ... twice: Well, making huge profits is more important than providing the service for which people pay insurance companies money. (02/03/2009 & 04/28/2009)

Voted to erect a 10-Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol: Overwhelmingly passed, I might add.

Placed restrictions on voting in elections: Bad Brad vetoed a voter-ID bill. Immediately afterwards, before the ink dried from the governor's veto stamp, election fraud became rampant. I myself voted in some school board elections outside of my district, just for yucks. I make sure to carry a lot of fake moustaches and beards with me too, just so I can revisit the same precinct over and over again. "Sure, my name is Rita Sanchez! Prove I'm not!"

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Jacob said...

You shouldn't make fun of Rita Sanchez's facial hair.

I voted in some school elections outside my district. Phil's gonna be a great class president, because he's so dreamy.