Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jim Rogers: More Popular Than Republicans!

Last night was the first basically uncontested (sorry Newt, sorry Paul-heads) Republican primary since the media declared that Mitt Romney was firmly, finally the inevitable nominee, the first one since Rick Santorum's frothy surge ended not with a blast but with a dribble (obviously I'm talking about his political surge). 

But the primaries did prove one thing: Oklahoma's Jim Rogers is more popular than the Republican Party in Rhode Island.  15,535 people showed up to the polls in Oklahoma to vote for Democrat Jim Rogers.  Only 14,530 people showed up in Rhode Island to vote for Mitt Romney / Ron Paul / Rick Santorum / Newt Gingrich / Buddy Roemer / Uncommitted / Write-in.  This either means Republicans are unenthused and unpopular in New England, or it means that the Jim Rogers Revolution is just a blimp away from the mainstream!

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